Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Archiving and reviewing legal documents is the strength of PIASI’s Legal Process Outsourcing/Litigation Support team. This involves the proper classification of documents according to their importance or relevance to the case and the organization of these documents and information under identifiable issues/defenses.

Experience in legal support systems include Relativity, VCode, and eDiscovery.

Legal Coding

PIASI’s legal support service includes the encoding of specific information regarding a document on the basis of date made, author, recipient, etc.

Any particular information that needs to be encoded into the electronic documents for easier categorization may be given by the client to be applied by the reviewers when identifying documents.


This service involves the ability to sort documents with respect to their connection and relevance to the case and to be able to ascertain their level of importance.


The task of filtering and discarding information from electronic documents as specified and identified by the client as information not relevant for review.

The ability to gather information in behalf of the client based on identified and specified search topics.